Three Tweaks to Grow Your Dental Practice to 7-Figures and Beyond
Get the Dental Practice of Your Dreams You Know… The One You Imagined in School?
Back Before You Had to Herd Cats, Juggle Fire, and Stand on Your Head to Get Noticed
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Tweak #1: Stop Herding Cats and Create Your Dream Team.
Tweak #2: Stop Juggling Fire and End Operational Chaos
Tweak #3: Stop Standing On Your Head to Stand Out in Your Market.
My name is Dr. Jeanette Kern and I’m here to help you go from Stuck to Unstoppable.

I recently sold my dental practice for over 7 figures in a small coastal town in Northern California at the top of my game.

Everything I am going to share with you is an accumulation of 40-years of dental practice, thousands of hours of CE, years as a Clinical Associate professor at UCLA and USC, and of tens of thousands of dollars and time in learning.

Working with many of my coaching clients, I have been able to help them go from being stressed out owners to Profitable Leaders and Entrepreneurs

If your looking for some answers then my FREE Guide just might be what you're looking for!
Dr. Sarah Winter 
Jeanette has been a pivotal person in my career since I met her three years ago. Today I just bought my second practice on my own here in La Jolla, and Jeanette really helped guide me and coach me and mentored me and hold me through this whole process. 
Dr. Radhee Sheth
If you want clarity. If you want someone to, not spoon feed it to you, but make a pathway out for you, create a system and understand who you are as a person and mold you into the person you want to become. You want someone like Dr. Kern to be around you. 
Dr. Brittany Semones
One of the best things that I really enjoyed about Jeanette is that she motivates me and she uplifts me and she makes me feel as if I am a capable leader and she helps me problem solve and find the answers to the questions that I have.
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7-Figures and Beyond!
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